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Magic Silk

Luxury Sheen Emulsion.

Magic Smooth

Premium Interior Emulsion.

Magic Smart

Economy Interior Acrylic Emulsion.

Magic Ultimax

Premium Exterior Emulsion.


High Performance Emulsion.

Magic XT

Economy Exterior Acrylic Emulsion.

Magic Silk Sparkle

High Sheen Metallic Emulsion.

Magic Kadam

Decoratice Floor Emulsion.

Magic Premium Acrylic Distemper

Premium Acrylic Emulsion.

Magic Pro Premium Acrylic Dist

Acrylic Emulsion.

Ajooba Acrylic Distemper

Economy Acrylic Emulsion.

Magic Acrylic Distemper

Acrylic Pouch Distemper.

Magic Jr Acrylic Distemper

Economy Interior Acrylic Emulsion.

Ajooba Synthetic Distemper

Synthetic Pouch Distemper.

Magic Gloss

High Quality Premium Solvent Based Enamel.

Magic Primo

General Purpose Solvent Based Primer.

Magic Silvio

High Heat Resisting Aluminium Paint.


High Performance Truck Enamel.


Ultra High Performance Automotive Finish.

Magic Rock hard

Polymer Based Wall Putty

Magic Cem Plus

High Quality Cement Paint.

Magic White Wash

The perfect Lime Wash.


Complete Range of Thinners for all Paints and Applications.